So what the hell is macaroniKazoo? And why such a weird name? Well, its reasonably memorable isn’t it? Plus I thought it sounded kinda cool.  Either way, I wanted some umbrella to work under instead of just plastering my name on it.

So thus macaroniKazoo was born. Anyway, welcome to the zoo. This is basically my platform to distribute the suite of tools known as the zooToolbox.

So who the hell is macaroniKazoo?  At this point in time, the only person in the zoo is Hamish McKenzie – which happens to be the same person that’s writing this page. I’m a tools programmer and on occasion, animator. I’ve worked in games, film and tv in both Australia and the US.

I started writing the zoo tools because I wanted to tailor my workflow in a specific way.  So I started tinkering with a particular script I found on highend3d at the time.  Anyway that little change grew and grew and before long I was writing my own workflow tools from scratch.

After I had more than a couple, dependencies became a pain to manage so I decided to bundle them all together in a single archive.  Thus the zooToolbox was born.  Feel free to download, re-distribute, use in your own studio/pipeline, learn from or whatever else you want.