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January 21st, 2008 by hamish download the zooToolBox

djx has a bunch of pretty awesome posts on his site about making some of the zoo tools even better (in many cases thats not really very hard – there are a lot of nasty edges in many of my tools).  this one caught my eye just now.  i don’t really follow his blog, but every now and then wordpress tells me of incoming links – christ knows how this blogging software can be so awesome…  anyway, so wordpress told me about this post and dammit – I listened.  and so should you.  go check it out.  i’ll be checking it out myself to see how it works, and most likely, ripping his idea off.

isn’t there a saying?  good artists create, great artists steal…  or something like that.  google it.


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  • kiusuke

    does he ask to you before do That?

  • hamish

    did he ask me to do what? djx hasn’t asked me to do anything… i just figured he is writing some really useful stuff that makes the zoo tools more valuable. so I was pointing it out to folks. and giving credit where credit is due.

  • kiusuke

    sorry i was in the mistake, i didn’t understand his work before i try it. the tweaking (and resolving problem) with the “jump prevention” is very usefull :).