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June 4th, 2011 by hamish download the zooToolBox

Y’know what would be AWESOME?! Blender as a standalone python module. If I was able to do this:

import bpy
scene = bpy.import( "c:/somefile.blend" )
for obj in scene.objs:

Imagine how cool that would be? You’d have the worlds most powerful, scriptable 3d/2d geometry library. It’d be awesome.

Incidentally, Houdini does exactly this as far as I understand. I don’t know much about houdini (apart from how unbelievably cool it looks) but I watched a video on this where they imported the houdini module from within maya, and then did a whole bunch of cool stuff and blatted it into maya. You could basically leverage a huge amount of houdini functionality in any app that runs python. It also means you can do a whole lot of stuff without the horrid cost of loading the UI.

As cool as it is that houdini can do this, it would be infinitely cooler if blender could do this.

How ’bout it blender devs? I think this feature would make blender amazingly useful to the games/film community. I’ll go into this a bit more in a future post.


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  • http://steamreview.org/ Artfunkel

    There was some discussion about this on the developer mailing list a while back. No idea what happened.

  • Matthew Murray

    Blender got on the list for this years Google summer of code so who knows what will be possible at the end of the summer?

  • Anonymous

    no way?!!  thats awesome.  I didn’t know that, thanks for letting us know!