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April 8th, 2011 by hamish download the zooToolBox

The guys at Rigging Dojo are putting on a live event with Jason Parks. Check out the details here.  I didn’t go to GDC, but I did see the notes/videos from Jason’s GDC talk.  He shows off some sweet eclipse features – I haven’t tried eclipse with python but it looks like it has a few features that wing doesn’t have (or maybe I just haven’t found them yet ;) ).

Anyway, it sounds interesting so you should definitely check it out!  If you’re not using an IDE to write tools with – you should definitely check this out.  For the longest time I wrote scripts in a text editor (I didn’t have much choice – MEL has no IDE) and when I started using wing a few years ago – holy cow!  Being able to set breakpoints and step through your code as it executes – and experiment with code inside a live, running script was a HUGE productivity booster.  I’ve not used a print statement for debugging in a long time.

Props to the Rigging Dojo guys for putting together great events for the community like this!


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