September 29th, 2010 by hamish download the zooToolBox

I’m looking for your help.  Yes you, reading this post!  My family and I have been working in the states for almost 5 years now.  We love it here and want to continue to make this our home, so we’re applying for residency.

Part of this process involves demonstrating my standing within my field of expertise, and one of the ways to do that is to show how and where my work is used.  The problem of course is that I don’t really have a clear picture of where and how the zooTools are being used.

Thats where you come in!  If you know of anywhere that they’re being used I would love to know!  Leave a comment, or shoot me mail if you know of anywhere that uses them in any serious capacity.  Thanks to anyone who can help!

update:  Also, if you’re a student and your school used the tools in any way (or even generi) that’s helpful to know!


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  • Anon

    Many use zooTools at house of moves!

  • http://www.3dsketchbook.com Christopher Page

    Hey Hamish,

    ZooTools is part of the Animation Mentor Tool bar. When I graduated in 2008 I used your tools to help make my short film. That being said, I am one of say 700+ students who would have/ and are using ZooTools at AM. For me it was so important to use Zootools to quickly try out new edits and cuts for making my short film.

  • http://www.watchmike.ca Mike

    When I was a student 3 years ago, I used zooToolbox, and Generi.
    I don’t know if I have screencaps, or any proof anymore ( new computer, didn’t bring files over )
    but I can see if I can dig it up.

  • http://www.frederic-classen.com Fred

    zooToolbox is really a geat tool! Wish u good luck!!

  • http://www.joshburton.com Josh Burton

    Hey man, I use your scripts on any gig I work on. Most recently I’ve been using them while creating my new character rig. When I was at Midway doing cinema stuff, we used zooShots on every project and xferAnim as well. I couldn’t work without your zooTangent works and set menu’s (I have them hotkeyed and I use them ALL THE TIME). This year I’ve used multiple scripts on several gigs with Psyop for a variety of things and anytime I’m workin with other folks more often then not I end up showing them how they could do something more efficiently or at all with one of your scripts. Thank you so much and I hope the residency thing goes through quickly.


  • http://www.griffinanimation.com Ryan

    Hi Hamish,
    I am sure you have already received an overwhelming number of responses, but I want to add my 2 cents. I do not use zoo tools in my work environment, however I did use zooTools and Generi during my time in college. I know the Academy of Art University in San Francisco often distributed your work to assist students. Contacting them may provide some useful results. On a personal level, I think you are an exceptional contributer to the 3D industry here in the US. Keep up the great work and good luck on seeking residency.

  • http://morganloomis.com Morgan Loomis

    I’ve used your scripts in a personal and professional capacity for around 5 years, including at the Academy of Art University, Tippett Studio and Weta Digital. Thanks for being so generous, and best of luck with immigration!

  • Modi

    Hey Hamish, I’ve used your tools extensively at Palma VFX Studios for the last 5 years. I teach an animation class at the Academy of Art and I’ve had my students download your tools as well.
    Needless to say your contribution has been awesome to the animation/rigging community and I hope that you continue to develop more tools in the future. I recently became a resident as well so i can understand what you may be going through. Good luck with your residency.

  • Mac McCann

    We use zoo tools at the game studio I work for in Salt Lake City. We have even integrated them into maya via a menu item. I turn to your tools constantly in my work flow both at work and at home. It would be a shame to lose the tools that you provide as well as the updates. You are hands down a huge asset to the animation and rigging communities. Good luck!

  • http://www.kizza.com Kieran OSullivan

    ZooTools is popular with the animators at Krome.
    Best of luck!

  • hamish

    WOW! Thanks so much everyone for your responses! I was expecting a few, but this has been quite amazing, so thank you all. I’m constantly humbled by how awesome this truly global industry of ours is.

  • http://www.sternio.com Mike Stern

    Hey Hamish,
    I used ZooTools extensively to do my layout on my short Distraxion. The zooShots tool allowed me to match my animatic shot by shot in a single maya file.

    Once I broke that layout file into separate shots I used the zooXferAnim. to help match poses.


  • Jason Parks


    We’ve used zooTools for years at SCEA in San Diego and now at SOE in San Diego.

    Could really use an update!

    Good luck. Keep up the great blog posts. Say ‘hey’ to Wade and Bay,


  • Mary Barreiro

    Hi Hamish,

    I’m a student at the Academy of Art and I can tell you that within the past year, I received Generi directly from the school. What type of documentation do you need? Are comments here enough to help or do you need more formal letters? I’m also a recent fan of zoo tools.


  • Peter Saumur

    Using zooTools in Sweden, both for Animation Mentor, and my own professional work.

  • http://www.bluepencil.org.uk Dan Carey

    Hey Hamish, the THQ Australia animation pipeline is still heavily based on your Zoo tools and the ground work you set out for the studio when you were here. Its some of the best animation tools ive used at any of the studios I have worked for. I have also been using the Zoo tools myself in personal rigs and projects, and during a prototype stage at Rare / Microsoft Game Studios we also used the zoo scripts to help us pitch the game within a good time frame.

    Quite honestly, even if I had to pay for these scripts it would still be a bargain.

    Thank you for you generosity!

  • Paul Davies

    Do these tools work for mac????..

    I am currently trying to use the rig for an assignment but cannot animate the character due to the triggers not loading up.. Due to not being able to install zoo tools correctly

  • Fernando

    I used your awesome tool for an animated movie i worked on, they gave a whole sequence and this tool was very useful. I’m planning to use it again for short film i’m working on