::Kahn Academy FTW!::

August 3rd, 2010 by hamish download the zooToolBox

This is too awesome not to share – the Kahn Academy is some dude just spewing out heaps of video tutorials covering a wide variety of subjects.  Most interestingly to me at the moment, he covers a heap of linear algebra.

I took linear algebra in school, but it didn’t seem at all applicable to life at the time so its since been purged from my brain.  My lack of 3d math skills has always been one of my weaknesses, and I try to rectify that whenever the opportunity arises.  Anyway this guy has some videos that have helped, and I figured others would probably benefit as well.


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  • http://www.direenworks.com James

    Sweet! thanks for sharing!

    Another good one I was introduced to recently is http://www.watchmath.com

    Looks like I’ve got my weekend planned…

  • http://goodsoul.de eRiC

    Yea very nice! I always lacked of higher math skills as well. A co-worker actually started studying for himself to do 3dmath stuff done. Thanks for posting that!

  • floppyDJ

    Cool thanks for the heads up Hamish :)