::c++ is no fun::

April 5th, 2010 by hamish download the zooToolBox

wow, c++ is no fun to work with… admittedly I’m pretty n00b, so perhaps its just an unfamiliarity thing, but holy wow, there is a hell of a lot of busy work writing c++ code. everything takes like 10 times more typing.

here’s to hoping the pypy guys can make python mind numbingly fast.


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  • http://www.irrigger.com Brandon Harris

    I heartily agree. Having to pick up C++ and C for fast file parsing, definitely isn’t as nice an clean as python. I despise C string handling and pointers.

  • hamish

    even just the whole concept of header files is super cumbersome. and the whole memory management thing is super cumbersome. I’m trying to pick up writing gui’s using the QT library in c++. QT seems pretty cool. certainly more mature than WX. although i’m not sure whether I prefer QT’s signals/slots mechanism or WX’s event bindings.